2. Strategy

Your Strategy should incorporate and be based on established strategic thinking. If you have not done so use a recognized method to establish the basis of your strategy. Tools such as a simple SWOT analysis and Porters Five Forces are the basic starting point. While these apply to the business as a whole they can be readily applied directly to thr People plan.

Knowing your strategy first will determine the structure of your business and that will determine the people you need and how they will be organized.
Strategy is how we win against the competition and for the people plan Strategy means “who are the people we have to have and who is the leader and management team.

Use a tool to identify a strategy for how your business will compete.

2.1 What people are needed to deliver on strategy

Based on the Strategy, what people do you need? What sort of personalities and behaviours. What do you need those people to do?

Based on the strategy successful businesses have a set of competencies or skills that outline what needs to be done as well as the behaviours required for these activities to be successful. This is especially critical for leadership skills. There are many generic competency sets available (called Competency Architecture) and some companies write their own. Having a set of competencies that are based on defined behaviours is the basis for identifying the people needed, recruiting and developing them as well as managing their performance.

What skills are required now and what are required in the future? These and a number of other questions provide the foundation for recruiting the right people at the right time.

What happens when you have the wrong people or people with great skills and personalities but not the skills and behaviours your business needs to be successful?

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